Actions and Impact of PPG Spending 2018/19

Actions and Impact of PPG spending 2018/19                           
Total Income £10,280  
Actions Cost Impact
Working with external professional agencies to provide training, advice and guidance to support speech and language (SALT) acquisition and physical development. £1050 Teaching Assistants trained in the use of specialized strategies for SALT and support for Teaching and Learning across the school.
Teaching assistant release time for 1:1 SALT support, Lego Therapy Training and Network meetings to update knowledge for SALT. £1340   £50 Lego Therapy training disseminated to all staff and used with specific groups as necessary.  Lego club also run at lunchtimes to support children with SEMH.  Increased self-confidence and self-awareness evident.
Purchase of materials for 1:1 and small group interventions related to SALT, emotional literacy and social skills. £100 Resources used on a regular basis with a number of children. This area will be explored further with the addition of a part time ELSA in 19/20.
Financial support for Extended Services to ensure equality of access to enriching experiences and family support. Children’s attendance being monitored.  £1045 Pupils have accessed After School Club and enjoyed the experience.  Attendance improves with use of Extended Services.
SALT sourced from outside agency to supplement work done in school for specific children. £417 Pupils making good progress and specific issues improved.
Financial support towards school visits/trips. £80 Pupil in year 5 attended residential. October 2019.
Working with Ellie Collar for Foundation Project work and Theraplay sessions to identify and reduce barriers to learning to ensure they reach their full potential.  £1550 All pupils in receipt of Rhythmic programme and Hole in the Bucket interventions to close the gaps and meet specific needs. EYFS and KS1 progress accelerated from last year.
Targeted social and emotional support at lunchtime through Retreat sessions with a teaching assistant. £600 SEMH support very popular at lunchtimes. School to look at providing an ELSA in 19/20.
Develop social skills strategies to support UKS2 pupils in preparation for transition to secondary school   £750 Year 6 residential a great success.  Transition to secondary supported by interventions, school nurse input and follow up.  DARE life skills delivered with 100% graduation.
Support offered on residential visit through additional staff member attending and taking a car. £ 50 Successful residential and specific children supported accordingly.
Provision of Teaching Assistants in each classroom to deliver differentiated scaffolding of literacy and numeracy knowledge in order to accelerate learning and narrow the gap. £3248 Pupils receive weekly opportunities to work in small groups to receive a personalized curriculum.  PP progress at least in line with peers.