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Life Education We’re open online – things to help you when your school closes

Dear all,

We want to let you know about the things that we’re planning to help you as schools close

Resources and activities for children, while school is closed

First of all, our SCARF online resources remain open to you throughout school closures. So please feel free to make use of them if they can support your take-home packs for children.

We’re also working hard now to create a whole new page on our website, dedicated to providing children with regular activities to support their physical and emotional health at this time of great uncertainty and change.

Harold – our happy, healthy giraffe mascot  and a favourite with children – will be posting a daily blog: Harold’s Daily Diary!  Here’s the link to it:

Each day he’ll be giving children positive, fun messages about what he’s doing to stay happy and healthy while he’s off school, separated from his friends. He’ll invite the children to join in with activities he’s doing.

He’ll be giving children ideas for how he – and they – can get a routine going for their day, including the things we all need to do to live a balanced, healthy life. These include

Taking regular exercise

Being creativ

Helping others

Connecting with others – in ways that are safe

Mindfulness – learning to enjoy the moment, here and now

We know that having a routine and structure will be very important to all of us at this challenging time. For children, in particular, routines help to provide a sense of security that will help a lot at this time of uncertainty.

We’re going to kick this off on Monday 23rd March; Harold will introduce the children to his Daily Plan. There will be a template version of this that the children can download – or copy from the website – and fill in for themselves.

Please feel free to share the link with parents – it’s already live and Harold has put a little message on it. He’ll be adding more, later today!

Each day we’ll be putting different activities onto our Harold’s Daily Diary page. There will be activities for different age groups – something for everyone!  These will help children to complete their own Daily Plan.  All the activities are family-friendly, so siblings or whole families who are at home together will be able to do things together

Harold will update his blog at 9a.m. every day from Monday to Friday (there’ll be a break at weekends).

Support for teachers – free training and briefing

We’re also going to provide some free, virtual training and briefing sessions for those of you who are still working but without children in school, including

1. Getting ready for statutory Relationships and Health Education

2. Preparing for Ofsted – getting the most out of our new Ofsted and SCARF self-evaluation tool.

3. Getting the most out of SCARF – a walk through the resources

These sessions will be conducted by telephone or other ‘virtual’ means. Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in booking one of these free sessions. 

And finally, please keep an eye out for our messages. We will continue to do everything we can to support you in the vital work of looking after children’s physical and mental health, throughout this closure period – however long it is. This has never been more important.

Stay safe 

Pamela Jennings

Senior Educator/Trainer

07801 274314