Welcome to Oak Class! Our class teacher is Miss Pepler. Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Barker. Miss Searston is our maternity cover teacher.

Oak class learning how to use the African Djembe drums and copying along to the bass and tone beats with Mr Sharman.

Oak class having the opportunity to feel and hold baby chicks which came from the egg incubator that hatched into baby chicks.

Oak class using their creative art skills to paint African recycled cardboard fabrics using deep African colours.

Lambs and a large tractor arrives at school – Children have a fabulous morning with lambs and sitting inside a tractor learning what farming is like and how to care for farm animals.

Oak class feeding chickens in Oak garden and having the opportunity to stroke chickens.

Oak class looking at various types of vegetables that grow on farms and smelling different vegetables.

Key worker Oak class training to be doctors and nurses in the hospital.

Oak class learning with Mr Sharman on EYFS computing using pictogram, Bee-Bots and Simple City Purple Mash.

Oak class learning directions and maths in computing with Mr Sharman using Code&Go Mouse Bots.

Oak class carrying out experiments and being creative.

Oak class building with large cardboard structures.

Fairytale Oak class topic The Three Little Pigs – Will you read me a story – Learning all about fairytale characters building props. Role playing The Three Little Pigs and their houses exploring questions like was the big bad wolf really bad and could the pigs have been his friend.

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