Welcome to Oak Class! Our class teacher is Miss Pepler. Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Barker. Get in-touch with your child’s teacher below.

Pancake Day in Oak Class

Oak class have had great fun celebrating Pancake Day. We have written recipes and followed them to cook our pancakes. We enjoyed eating them too. Yum!

Spring is a wonderful time of year with lots of changes happening in the world around us. This term, the children will observe these changes through first-hand experiences including planting beans, visiting a local farm and caring for chicks as they hatch.

Tuesday 3rd March – Visit to Elm Tree Farm
Monday 23
rd March – Eggs arriving in school to be hatched

We planted magic beans in our outside area, following the instructions on the packet carefully. When we came back the next morning, we were very surprised to find that they had grown into lollypops! Now we will be working hard to write our own stories about what happened to the magic beans.

We have a new display in the classroom to support us with our letter formation. Meet ‘Brave Monkey’ and ‘Scared Monkey’. They are teaching us where to start writing letters and which movements we need to use to create them.

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Reminder to parents – Visits to the village ‘Pocket Park’ will begin this term. We will go every Wednesday afternoon starting on Wednesday 14th January.

Please could you provide your child with the following items below in a named bag:

A set of old clothes. Thin layers are better than one thick one. They will get muddy.

– A waterproof coat, hat and gloves.

Click here to read ‘The Big Idea’ – Once Upon a Time – Our school topic for this term.

We will share many traditional stories and respond to these through discussion, roleplay, craft and cooking. Later in the term the children will plant their own magic beans and discover what will grow from them.