One of our pupils dissecting an owl pellet for their half term home learning challenge. Can you spot what its prey was?

Haiku Poetry by Chestnut Class

Predators – Wanted posters designed by Chestnut class

Our amazing Predator Information Leaflets

Pupils carrying out a science experiment with solar eco energy using mini solar panels, cables and defused coloured LED lights with electronics.

Santa Run Sponsored Event Challenge

Artwork painting by everyone in Chestnut.

Year 3 working with Mr Sharman on Microsoft PowerPoint to fill in the facts and information about the Earth’s crust, Continental crust and Oceanic crust.

Chestnut class carrying out rock investigations.

Greek Alphabet Artwork

Singing the Greek Alphabet by Chestnut Class

Naming the Continents by Year 3

Naming the Continents by Year 3

Click Here to read our Chestnut and Oak class handwriting support – Kinetic letters is based on a physical approach where children learn letter and number formation through movement and multi-sensory experiences to develop core body strength.

Conkers Newsroom and Weather Forecasting

Green ScreenChestnut Newsroom and Weather Forecasting Behind the Scenes

Inspired by our class text – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Fruit Faces – Inspired by the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo